Website Malware Scanners

Keep your site safe from hackers and exploits...dont be caught out!

We all know how frustrating site hacks or malware injections can be, not to mention how expensive and potentially damaging to you business it can be!

Since the majority of initial malware attacks begin with a very small change to your code, or a single file dropped amongst the thousands on your website, it can be difficult to detect an infection, even for the most tech-savvy individuals...until its too late.

More concerning is that once a site is hacked, 9 times out of 10, the original hacker or another hacker will return and do further damage.

All Hosting Australia servers include a low level malware and exploit scanner, but if you want that added a piece of mind, you cannot go past one of our standalone malware scanning products. Now you have a fighting chance against dangerous and costly malware!

If one of your pages somehow gets infected, you're alerted immediately so you can address the problem. You don't even have to install any extra software.

Check out the various levels of protection products below, and of course, if you have an questions, please ask our friendly sales team.

Avoid Blacklists

A blacklist from a search engine like Google on your site, can cost traffic & be hard to remove! Avoid the hassle. &n

Email Notification

Receive an instant email notification, as soon as malware is picked up on your website, so you can take action to pre

Constant Monitoring

24/7 Blacklist Monitoring & Daily Malware, Vulnerability & Compliance scans. Meaning your site is secure arou

Live Pattern Updates

Malware & Exploit patterns updated in real time, keeps your site covered against the newest threats!