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Webhosting 101 Chapter 15 - Email Spoofing

19 Dec 2018

“Hi my prey, I write to you because I buried a trojan on the website with pornography which you have visited.”

I’m sure you’re all familiar with this type of email, this particular quote is a word for word excerpt from an email sent to our support centre, included in this email was a threat to “expose us” unless we sent an anonymous email address $400 in bitcoin. Instead of doing this, my co-workers and I had a brief laugh before we mercilessly hit the delete button to banish the victimizer to the shadow realm. Which is exactly what you should be doing with these types of emails, known as phishing scams.

While this type of email is generally easy to identify as spam and no threat whatsoever, there are a few that can be appear a bit more disconcerting. Most common is one we see where the spam email is actually sent from your own address, this is called spoofing. While this may seem scary it’s surprisingly easy to do and means more or less nothing. There are methods designed to circumnavigate outgoing mail servers and allows spoofers to make it appear as if they have access to your email address when in reality it’s almost always a bluff and they don’t have access to anything. Hosting-Australia has methods in place to prevent this but in the end, there are still ways around it, simply because of how emails are sent between servers.

Keep an eye out for our next post, where we’ll shed some light on how to deal with these sorts of emails. As always please share this post with anybody who you may think will find this interesting.

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