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Hosting 101 Chapter 17 - Mail Authentication

21 Dec 2018

One way you can for sure you can prevent low to mid level spam like this is by adding mail authentication records to your domain, these can be installed through cPanel and are text records found in your DNS. You may or may not have heard of them but DKIM DMARC and SPF are all important tools to have if you want to secure your emails.

DMARC and SPF help with the incoming spam side, they’re basically like big, bald, anti-spam bouncers with tasers, they’ll guard the door to your emails and anything that looks like spam or wears thongs gets denied entry.
DKIM is on the reverse side, it’s like slapping a VIP sticker on each and every one of your emails so other people’s big bald bouncers with tasers let your emails through.

We have a few walkthroughs for installing SPF DMARC and DKIM in our knowledge base and our support team is happy to assist with setting them up (charges may apply).

We also have a spam protect service which is as close to guaranteed coverage as you can possibly get. This is for those cases where you’re receiving thousands of emails daily despite numerous prevention steps being taken or even if you just want to take out the possibility of spam on your domain. Prices start from $7.90/month for incoming spam filtering.

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