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Hosting Sale Now On! Get 25% off!

Nothing to pay today.

Why Choose Hosting Australia?

All Australian Support

No overseas call centres, or hard to understand trainees. All our staff have many years experience in the web hosting game and will help you out with any hosting query, quickly and without fuss.

Independently owned

Unlike most “Australian” web hosts, we are independently owned, with no overseas parent company – meaning we will always be based right here in Australia.

Fast, Modern servers

With a constant server rollover and upgrade plan in place, all our web servers are new, fast and reliable. Meaning your site is up and online when you need it to be.

Firewall & Malware Scans

With complex firewall systems, constant rolling malware and virus scans and secure hardware, your website and emails are in good hands!

All Australian Hardware

All Hosting Australia servers are based in a state of the art, secure data centre – ensuring your emails, website and associated services are always kept in Australia.

Amazing Customer Service

Our experienced and friendly team are ready to assist you with any hosting query you have. All our staff have many years of experience & our goal is help your business succeed.

Off server backups

All our hosting packages include secure, off server, archived backups – so if you need to recover data from last week or even last month, you can rest assured that its available!

Web Design Services

Not only do we offer hosting – but we also offer web design services! Making Hosting Australia your one stop shop when it comes to all things web hosting!

Small Business Hosting & Business Hosting Experts

Need Quality Business Hosting?

Your business email and website are vital – so why host with an overseas Hosting Provider – when you can have it hosted by the Small Business Web Hosting Experts at Hosting Australia.

The success of your business is key to our success – We will offer you fast, reliable hosting services backed by an experienced web and email hosting support team. You are in good hands with Hosting Australia.

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Many of our long time clients know that the “Hosting Australia” brand was established over a decade ago.

Hosting Australia prides itself on being one of the last major Australian web hosting companies that is 100% Australian owned and operated.

So if you have had your website and/or support moved out of Australia, you are sick and tired of dealing with international call centres and you wish to stay with a 100% Australian company please contact us and we will be happy to help you!


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Our number is 1300 761 930.

No overseas Servers

No overseas Call Centres

100% Australian Web Hosting Support
100% Australian Web Hosting Servers

Good old fashioned customer service.

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The future of Web Hosting is here today.

Fully managed website hosting. One Fee. All Inclusive. No Headaches.

Fusion is a Game Changer – one monthly fee and all your website costs are covered. Including design changes, updates and amendments. Avoid bill shock and ensure you can budget your online presence simply and easily. Fusion is ideal for Small Business Web Hosting – leaving you free to get on with running your operations.

Need help moving your site?

Our migration team can assist with moving your email and/or website to Hosting Australia and in most cases, this is free of charge!

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A complete range of
hosting & related products

If you need help with any of our products or planning your new services please call us on 1300 761 930.

Web Hosting

Whether it is shared hosting on Windows or Linux using CPanel / Plesk or on your very own virtual private server we can provide a hosting service to suit you.

SSL Certificates

Secure your customer transactions and improve your Google rankings by complying with SSL requirements, with our range of secure SSL certificates.

Domain Names

We not only offer domain name registration and renewals but we can help you recover information on lost domains or host nameserver records for you.

Hosted Exchange

Get the power of Microsoft Exchange, shared calendars and mailboxes and more without relying on the below average service from Microsoft 365 products.

Wordpress Design

Get your website built or updated by the Australian WordPress experts – from under $600 and with a whole range of options to get your business online!

Spam Protection

Secure your mailbox against viruses, spam and malware attacks with an off server mail filtering service from Hosting Australia. Safe, efficient and secure.

Latest Hosting News

Below you can find the latest industry news and information from Hosting Australia and the Hosting Industry in general.
From web hosting tips and tricks to WordPress advice and information and everything in between.

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DNS A Record – What is it and how does it work?

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Free $50 Credit

Want a $50 credit on your account?

Simply sign up for a new cPanel or Windows Hosting service and you will earn a $50 credit on your account. This credit can be used to purchase additional services or products, pay for your recurring hosting fees or even put towards design projects you engage Hosting Australia to assist you with.

To get started, complete the form below and you will be then redirected to the order page to complete the process - please note, credits are only applied once you have completed the check out process.

NOTE: Offer not valid in conjunction with any other Hosting Australia promotional offer. Order must consist of one of the following hosting package: "Standard Plesk", "Business Plesk", "Core", "Core Plus", "Prime" or "Ultimate". Offer not valid with "Start Up" hosting package. Available to new clients only.